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Water Softener Installation Boerne TX

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Looking to improve the water quality in ones New Braunfels or Boerne home? A-Tex Plumbing & Utilities is ready to assist with our years of experience with water softener repairs and installations. It doesn’t matter if one need help with selecting the perfect system for ones home, or whether a major or minor water softener repair is what is needed to get ones equipment operating properly once again. We want all our customers to start enjoying safer and fresher water ASAP.

Health Benefits of Water Softeners

Unfiltered tap water is not always the safest choice for ones home, which can be a surprise for many homeowners. Calcium, magnesium, along with other waterborne chemicals not only will leave signs of their existence around ones bathtub, but can be a cancer risk too.

For those that have municipal water, it probably contains chlorine and chloramines. These are effective in eliminating harmful bacteria, they may also be cancer-causing. While well water typically does not contain chlorine and chloramines, it can contain contaminants like pesticides BS fertilizers.

Water Filters and Water Softener Differences

Water softeners and water filters are differentiated by what items each can remove from the water. Water softeners, or water conditioners, take out calcium, magnesium and iron that may be in well water. Water filters, on the other hand, eliminate chemical contaminants, as well as chlorine, from water entering the home. For those with city water, since it has to travel a long way before it reaches ones home, it has the opportunity to pick up lots of hard water minerals.

If one wants to have high quality, soft water without chemicals, one will need both a water filtration and water softener installation. There are some combination systems that will be able to accomplish both of these tasks. A carbon/KDF adsorption filter system with a UV light is a good choice for those with well water, and then a standard softener/filter system for those with city water.

Most people usually don’t realize how much they actually use water for every day; from bathing, washing clothes, cleaning and cooking.

One of the things people need to be aware of is drinking too much chlorine.

This inexpensive and highly effective disinfectant has a dark side. “Chlorine, added as an inexpensive and effective drinking water disinfectant, is also a known poison to the body,” says Vanessa Lausch of filter manufacturer Aquasana. “It is certainly no coincidence that chlorine gas was used with deadly effectiveness as a weapon in the First World War.” The gas would severely burn the lungs and other body tissues when inhaled, and is no less powerful when ingested by mouth.  (read more here. . .)

Water Softener Installation Boerne TX

Just having hard water will not cause health issues. The main problem with it is being able to get things clean. The calcium and magnesium in the water prevents soap from being able to completely break down. The scum that gets left on bathtubs and shower curtains is from a colloid that hard water leaves behind. The same residue that gets left on dishes and clothing gets left on ones skin too. In time, hard water will cause damage to plumbing pipes and can lead to water heater issues as well.

A water softener will give homeowners the ability to have:

  • Healthier skin and soft to the touch
  • Whiter, brighter, softer clothes
  • Shiny hair
  • Cleaner dishes
  • No more bathtub rings or soap scum on the sides

The taste of ones water will be greatly improved and ones water using appliances will last longer. One will not have to clean bathroom and kitchens as often and will be able to use less soap too.

Water Softener Repair New Braunfels TX
Water Softener Installation Boerne TX

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